Participant Criteria:

     A. Young Researcher are defined as:

          (1) Person getting doctor degree (Dr./Ph.D.) within the past 3 years

          (2) Second year or later PhD students 

          (3) Master degree holder who graduated within 5 years and have a work experience in energy or decarbonization field.

     B. Senior scientists are individuals who have completed their PhD more than 3 years ago.

● The number of participants will be limited to ensure effective interaction and active participation, with a maximum of 100 participants

● All participants are expected to join the whole event.


Participation Fees:

    a. Young researcher: USD 500 

    b. Senior Scientists: USD 1000

 The participation fee includes accommodation and meals throughout the entire week of the summer school, from July 7th to 13th. However, travel 

   expenses to Indonesia and shuttle from and to the airport are not covered. The shuttle service from and to the airport will be managed by the 

   committee with an additional fee of USD 60 per person for a round trip.

● Participants are responsible for arranging and covering their own flight tickets to Indonesia.

● Payment is to be made through the website, and the payment method will be communicated via email.

● The payment is in Indonesian Rupiah, currency 1 USD = Rp 16500

Contact Us:


+62-817-180-815 (Dr. Euis Djubaedah) 

+62 812-8631-135 (Dr. Hamid Budiman)




RD20 SummerSchool Indonesia