Lectures and seminars: Experts from G20 member countries will deliver lectures and seminars on relevant decarbonization topics.

Field visits: Participants will be taken to strategic locations related to bioenergy in Indonesia, such as bioenergy pilot plants, biofuel model, or 

    bioenergy research facilities.

Panel discussions: Panel discussions will be conducted to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among participants and expert speakers.

● Poster: Each participant is required to share about their work or research using a printed poster. Committee will print your poster and format of 

    poster will be inform via e-mail. We expect to receive your poster file by June 24th, 2024.

● Collaborative projects: Participants will be divided into small groups to develop collaborative projects related to bioenergy. The project outcomes will 

    be presented at the end of the event.

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RD20 SummerSchool Indonesia