This year, 2024, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Indonesia as a member of RD20 is honored to organize the RD20 Summer School titled “Diversity of Knowledge on Decarbonization in Just Energy Transition Mechanism”, which holds immense significance in the contemporary global landscape. In an era where sustainability and energy transition are critical imperatives, this initiative serves as a pivotal platform. By addressing multifaceted themes such as Sustainable Energy Transition, Life Cycle Assessments, Circular Economy, and Waste Management, it illuminates pathways toward a more ecologically balanced future. 

Moreover, by examining topics like Smart Grids, Artificial Intelligence for Energy Transition, and Biomass Resources, the program acknowledges the centrality of innovation in driving sustainable change. It doesn’t just stop at technological developments; it extends to societal and economic facets through discussions on Green Building, Innovative Finance, and Carbon Capture and Storage. 

Delving into emerging paradigms like Carbon Feedstock, Energy Storage, and Advanced Solar Developments, this program embodies a forward-looking approach, fostering a deeper understanding of cutting-edge technologies and strategies.

Exploring aspects of Hydrogen Production and Utilization, as well as Negative Emissions, demonstrates a holistic perspective towards diverse energy vectors and their role in mitigating climate challenges.

This program’s significance lies in its comprehensive scope, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications. It empowers participants to not only comprehend the complexities of decarbonization but also equips them with the tools necessary to actively contribute to a more equitable and sustainable energy landscape.


● Provide an opportunity for young researchers from G20 countries to deepen their 

    knowledge and skills in the field of decarbonization.

● Introduce Indonesia as a country rich in natural resources with many 

   islands with different behaviour of energy and research outcomes related with.

● Encourage knowledge exchange and collaboration between G20 and Indonesian 


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