This year, 2024, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Indonesia will organize the RD20 Summer School titled “Diversity of Knowledge on Decarbonization in Just Energy Transition Mechanism”, which holds immense significance in the contemporary global landscape. In an era where sustainability and energy transition are critical imperatives, this initiative serves as a pivotal platform. By addressing multifaceted themes such as Sustainable Energy Transition, Life Cycle Assessments, Circular Economy, and Waste Management, it illuminates pathways toward a more ecologically balanced future. Delving into emerging paradigms like Carbon Feedstock, Energy Storage, and Advanced Solar Developments, this program embodies a forward-looking approach, fostering a deeper understanding of cutting-edge technologies and strategies.

Moreover, by examining topics like Smart Grids, Artificial Intelligence for Energy Transition, and Biomass Resources, the program acknowledges the centrality of innovation in driving sustainable change. It doesn’t just stop at technological developments; it extends to societal and economic facets through discussions on Green Building, Innovative Finance, and Carbon Capture and Storage. Exploring aspects of Hydrogen Production and Utilization, as well as Negative Emissions, demonstrates a holistic perspective towards diverse energy vectors and their role in mitigating climate challenges.

This program’s significance lies in its comprehensive scope, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications. It empowers participants to not only comprehend the complexities of decarbonization but also equips them with the tools necessary to actively contribute to a more equitable and sustainable energy landscape.


● Provide an opportunity for young researchers from G20 countries to 

   deepen their knowledge and skills in the field of decarbonization.

● Introduce Indonesia as a country rich in natural resources with many 

   islands with different behaviour of energy and research outcomes related 


● Encourage knowledge exchange and collaboration between G20 and 

   Indonesian experts.

Voice from Participant: Invitation to Welcoming the 2024 Summer School in Indonesia


Young researchers (aged between under 40 with PhD degree and or complete PhD within 3 years) from 20 G20 countries with an interest in decarbonization.

The number of participants will be limited to ensure effective interaction and active participation, with a maximum of 100 participants.

TIme & Location

The summer school will be held from 7th-13th (One week in) July 2024 in Indonesia.

The specific venue will be determined later, taking into account the necessary facilities and accessibility. Possible Location:

Soekarno Science Technopark, Cibinong, Bogor

BJ Habibie Science Technopark, Serpong Tangerang

Program Schedule

Lectures and seminars: Experts from G20 member countries and Indonesian experts will deliver lectures and seminars on relevant decarbonization topics.

Field visits: Participants will be taken to strategic locations related to bioenergy in Indonesia, such as bioenergy pilot plants, biofuel model, or bioenergy research facilities.

Panel discussions: Panel discussions will be conducted to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among participants and expert speakers.

●Posters or Collaborative projects: Participants will be divided into small groups to develop collaborative projects related to bioenergy. The project outcomes will be presented at the end of the event.


A facilitation team consisting of bioenergy experts from G20 member countries and Indonesian bioenergy experts will accompany the participants throughout the 


Facilitators will guide discussions, provide feedback, and direct group activities.

Topics and lectures

Introduction to Sustainable Energy Transition ●

Insight of New Capital ●

Life Cycle Assessments and Circular Economy ●

Waste Management ●

Carbon Feedstock, Carbon Sink, Carbon Market and Price ●

Energy Storage and Battery ●

Recent Solar Development (Floating PV, Agro-Photovoltaic) ●

Smart Grid and Advanced Power Generation

Al for Energy Transition

Negative Emission, Biomass Resources and Utilizations

Bio Based Materials and Green Building

Carbon Capture Storage & Utilization

● Hydrogen Production, Transport, Utilization

Innovative Finance for Energy Transition

Topic of group recommendation

Case Study: What should we build in the Only One New Capital in the world?

Carbon capture and utilization and sequestration (CCUS) ●

Bioresource and waste utilization ●

Energy efficiency and sobriety ●

Circular economy critical material awareness and recycling ●

Environmental awareness and harmonized footprint indicators ●

Sustainable energy mix

Capacity building and education

World inclusive climate transition

Carbon trade


Participants will receive a certificate of participation in the summer school.

The outcomes of collaborative projects will be archived and can be used as a reference by participants and interested stakeholders


The registration process will be conducted online through the designated platform.

Participants are expected to submit recommendations from their affiliated institution.


Flight tickets to Indonesia will be covered by participants.

Registration fees for Young researcher who hold PhD $500 USD and for senior scientist participants $1000 USD will be determined to cover accommodation (guest house dormitory), local transportation, and meals during the event.

● Payment information will be informed through this website

Transportation Guideline

Cibinong Science Center, the main venue is located in Bogor, about 70 km from the Soekarno-Hatta Airport (CGK)

Transportation from the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) to the Cibinong Science Center by public bus/Damri ($5 per person) or taxi (about $12 to $15). Taxis can accommodate up to 3 people depending on their luggage). 

Bus routes from the airport run every hour.

Laboratory Visit

Laboratory Visit at BJ Habibie Science Park

Several Route for Lab Visit:

● Efficiency Energy and Smart Grid

● Energy conversion, EV and Hydrogen

● Nanomaterials and Battery

● Nuclear Facility

Laboratory Visit at Soekarno Science Park

Several Route for Lab Visit:

● Biotechnology

● Limnology

● Biomaterial

Biodiversity Visit at Bogor Botanical Garden

One Day Tour to Floating PV Cirata (Last Day)

Floating PV Cirata

Gala Dinner at Ancol Beach


Training Centre at Soekarno Science Centre

Supporting Facilities

Parking Area


Fitness Centre

Tennis Court

Guest House


VIP Room (2 unit)

Standart Room

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Chair: Prof. Dr. -Eng. Eniya Listiani Dewi

Co-Chair: Dr. Arif Darmawan